Childrens Party Games – Ideas for Traditional Games to Play at a Childrens Party

When it comes to kids’ parties, the childrens party games are one of the things that kids will remember most about a party they’ve been to or had themselves. And so it is important to think about how you are going entertain them when planning for your child’s party. Ask your daughter or son, what games they have played at other kids parties to get some ideas of the kinds of games they enjoyed. This is also insightful as you can find out what games have struck them as being fun and memorable. What I’ve found is that simple games are best. Traditional games are ideal for younger children in particular, because they are simple to play and most of the children will have played them in one form or another. Playing familiar games helps kids to feel comfortable and confident; this is especially useful when you have a large group of kids.

Many of the traditional games for parties listed below, originate many decades ago, and yet are still popular today. I think it is their simplicity that makes them timeless and still loads of fun for children even now. Plus as many of them have minimal costs in terms of props and the time it takes to set them up, this means they are good for parents too

Popular childrens party games in our house include:

Musical Chairs
Musical Statues
Blind Man’s Buff
Pass the Parcel
Hunt the Thimble
Wink Murder
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Hot Potato
Of course some aspects of these games can be updated, for example instead of a thimble, use an object that can be used as a prize or if your child’s party has a theme, choose an object that is in keeping with that theme. You can find a quite a comprehensive list of traditional games with a description of how to play each of them on Wikipedia: List of Traditional Children’s Games.

These are ideal for kids’ birthday party games both for indoor and outdoor parties. Some of them can also be adapted to be played as sleepover party games.

So, the important aspects to consider when deciding which games to play at your child’s party can include: choosing simple games, games that are not too competitive and games that will be familiar to the children. Ask your children for their input to get some ideas of what games they and their peers will enjoy. And finally, think back to your own parties when you were a child. I find that many of the games I particularly remember are still great ideas for my children’s party games today.