The most obsolete part of the house is always the bathroom, because very often we tend to overlook it as is a not prominently visible section and when renovations are done, it is one of the last things that is always considered. Nevertheless, it is often neglected and is subjected to the upsetting effects of water and moisture.

A marble bathroom sink top is the ultimate option if you are looking for luxury and style, when remodelling your bathroom.

Remodelling can increase the overall value of your bathroom if it is done in such way that matches the style of your home. A proper vision and plan will help you remodel your bathroom the way you want, as it is not only the place to shower but also a place to relive stress. A marble bathroom recalls sophistication. Since marble is easily accessible due to improved technology and comes in many different pleasant colours or designs it can be used in just about any style of bathroom. Marble slabs are fabricated into desired thickness by sawing the marble blocks for marble vanities, counters, flooring and wall cladding. Marble cabinets offer a unique look. They are curved intricately. Since, these cabinets are expensive; you can also opt for wooden cabinets with marble counters. The prices do not have any decoration but the presence of marble enhances their beauty.

Bathroom with marble finishing is easy to clean and if needs repairs little sanding is more than able to do trick. A transparent layer of wax can be easily applied to protect your countertops from damage after sanding and repair can be made to avoid further damage to the bathroom sink top surface. One of the beautiful things about marble bathroom is that will not require any remodelling or renovation for years to come if proper care is taken.