5 Super Tips to Take Better Photos

Photographer woman girl is holding dslr camera taking photographs ...

How can you become a better photographer and capture excellent memories and captions that will stick in people’s minds for a long time? Photography happens to be a career looking simple yet complicated to some extend not everyone with an expensive camera can freeze a moment which will last for a lifetime. So, what is the tips to better photography?

  • Get in Close

There is no doubt in the famous photojournalist Robert Capa words when he said, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” is true. When you are going to capture the best you need to draw close and focus your camera on the subject. It takes a perfect standing, focus and close distance with your subject to capture amazing photos.

  • Go for Shoots every day

As a Family photographer in Maui our experience with photography started way back when we couldn’t miss morning and sunset shoots. And today, we have become the best photographers for different occasions because of the quality and expertise we have advance from all over the years. As a starter who keeps asking himself, “How Do I take Better photos?” the secret is consistency. Shoot as much as you can, spend several hours behind your camera and horn your skills to be better every new day.

  • Measure up the lights

Lights can make a photo that was supposed to be good turnout so bad and when you master how you can play with the lights, whether the natural light the artificial, your photo will turn out to be amazing. How is the light affecting the scene of the subject? Is it bringing too much highlight or casting great shadows? You need to understand to make them work to your advantage every time you are taking a shoot.

  • Use flash during the day

While we all know flash lights should work at night or with indoor shoots, it is totally okay to use it during the day when there is too much sunlight creating shadows. At this time, switch on your flash. The extra shadows from the sun will at least gown and give your enough exposure and focus on your subject to capture better photos.

  • How about putting a smile on your subject

Cracking a simple joke on your subject is bound to give you a better result almost with all your photos. Instead of just telling your subject ‘smile’ you can crack a joke to bring a natural smile that can change the mood and create an awesome results.